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Guest speakers

Talaera Talks guest speakers all come from different backgrounds,  but they have something in common: they are passionate about learning, professional development, communication, interpersonal skills, or leadership. Email us at hello@talaera.com to be part of the show.

Leon Nussbaumer, Talent Attraction At LinkedIn - Talaera

Leon Nussbaumer

Talent Attraction at LinkedIn; Former Hubspot Recruiter

Donna Laughlin, PR Agency Founder - Talaera

Donna Laughlin

PR Agency Founder; Podcaster

Rick King, Former COO/CTO At Thomson Reuters - Talaera

Rick King

Former COO/CTO at Thomson Reuters

Laurie Gilbertson, NYC Prosecutor - Talaera

Laurie Gilbertson

NYC Prosecutor; TV Legal Analyst; Entrepreneur

Neeraja Dorariaj, Learning Specialist - Talaera

Neeraja Dorariaj

Learning Specialist at Thomson Reuters

Erika Andersen, Business Strategist - Talaera

Erika Andersen

Business Strategist; Keynote Speaker; Author; Founder

Paola Pascual - Talaera

Meet your host

Paola Pascual
Head of Marketing at Talaera

Paola brings a unique perspective to the podcast, combining her expertise in communication, cultural diversity, and psychology. With a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and HR, along with a certification in coaching, Paola has spent over a decade teaching English. Her focus is on helping individuals navigate the complexities of communicating across different cultures, enhancing their professional development and interpersonal skills.

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