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Easy for managers and engaging for English learners

We do the work so you don't have to


Team manager oversight

Easily add participants, manage billing across multiple teams, and download instant reports

Engagement tracking

Understand each employee's goals and monitor their English training and engagement


Account management

Rest easy knowing that one of our customer service professionals is ready and waiting to help you and your employees at any point in the process

 “We are so pleased to work with Talaera. The teachers are very professional and help our employees with their English for work - we have seen huge improvements! The system is also very convenient and easy to use.”

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English training programs built for your business needs

These are examples of custom-made packages other companies have purchased in the past

Cybersecurity Startup

Plan for a 300 employee cybersecurity company looking for English training for their dev team


30 one on one session packages

2 group courses

Global FinTech Company

Plan for a 4,000 employee Fintech company looking to offer English training to 10% of their workforce across different departments


400 one on one session packages

15 group courses

4 webinars

No annual contracts,

no commitments

Are you a professional looking for English training for yourself?

We would love to help!

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Frequently asked questions

Can your English lessons be used globally?

Absolutely! We work with teachers across many time zones, and our learners are located all around the world.

Is this a yearly contract?

No, you have maximum flexibility (no strings attached!). You pay for the sessions you need, and we hope you are so happy that you want to stay.

Do you only work with big tech companies?

75% of our customers do work in the tech industry. However, we also work with smaller companies across all sorts of industries, such as aviation, agriculture, and retail. We like diversity, so we’ll find a way to help you! :-)

What kind of English training do you offer?

All our training is online, but we offer different kinds of sessions, from the more personalized, highly effective one-on-one lessons and group courses -perfect for teams- to the most scalable option - webinars, where you can enroll your whole organization. Learners can work on presentations, business email writing, accent, confidence building, or any other work-related communication skill they need.

How do I know which is the best English program for my team?

We will help. Once we hear your needs, we will create a program that adapts to your specific workplace. It can be individual lessons, group courses, webinars, or a Mix N' Match (a combination of them). Fill out the form on this page or email us at and we'll take it from there!

Is there a minimum number of lessons I have to purchase?

There is no minimum number, although you can get great discounts if you buy packages of sessions.


Planning English training for your team this year?