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Business English for companies

Corporate English training designed to help your non-native English staff thrive at work.

Business English for companies
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High-impact business English training

Business speaking skills for the real world

Business speaking skills for the real world

English courses for adults who need to speak professional English to thrive at work.

Best English learning program for your team

Customizable English training programs that fit every budget, workforce size, and need.

Best English learning program for your team
English courses for remote teams

English courses for remote teams

Upskill your global workforce and easily manage training logistics across regions.

Staff training and development made easy

Training needs analysis

Training needs analysis

Work closely with our team to understand and address your team's unique needs.

Seamless training logistics

Seamless training logistics

Easily add learners and teams, and manage billing across multiple global teams.

Learning metrics

Learning metrics

Track learner's engagement across teams and download real-time reports.


Corporate training packages built for your business needs

1:1 business English classes online

1:1 English classes for adults with a native English teacher. Perfect for high potentials.

Corporate workshops

Customized business English programs to tackle specific pain points in larger groups.

Self-paced online courses

Our most cost-effective solution on a wide range of topics. LMS integration available.

Small group courses

Programs designed for maximized practice and immediate impact in small groups.

Communication webinars

Upskill your entire workforce with live sessions on key professional English topics.

English level testing

Tests by Cambridge University Press to assess your employees' English level.

Custom-made packages for your organization

Whether you are looking for ongoing training or for more targeted learning opportunities for individual employees, we want to be part of your talent growth strategy. 

Cybersecurity Startup

Plan for a 300 employee cybersecurity company looking for English training for their dev team.


30 one on one session packages

2 group courses

3 webinars

Global FinTech Company

Plan for a 4,000 employee Fintech company looking to offer English training to 10% of their workforce across different departments.


400 one on one session packages

15 workshops

800 self-study licenses

English training for companies looking to reduce communication breakdowns

Success Story: Thomson Reuters knew that proficient English was a fundamental skill that would help their employees contribute to future personal and organizational goals.

Training score


Average score reported by learners

training flexibility


One of participants’ favorite feature

language barriers


Reduced their language barriers

 “Now, participants won't stop talking about their experience with Talaera, and that not only helped us communicate better internally but also gave our L&D team great confidence to implement Talaera at a global level.”

Anna G.

Sr. Learning Consultant

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters logo

English training for multinational companies

Thousands of professionals at some of the world’s most influential and forward-thinking organizations are already working with Talaera, reducing communication breakdowns at work and reaching their full potential across 150+ countries.

Talaera Customers

Are you a professional looking for English training for yourself?

We would love to help!

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  • Does Talaera cater to non-native English speakers only?
    Yes, our business English programs are specifically designed for non-native English speakers, focusing on practical language use, cultural understanding, and business communication skills. Native English speakers may benefit from some of our most advanced courses, but our focus is professionals whose first language is not English.
  • Does Talaera require yearly contracts?
    Nope. No annual contracts, no commitments. You pay for the sessions and English training programs you need, and we hope you are so happy that you want to stay. 💙
  • Can I offer Talaera's English training to global teams?
    Absolutely! That's one of the greatest advantages at Talaera. We work with expert English trainers in all time zones and operate globally 24/7. You can easily allocate training hours to your global employees. If one of your employees decides to stop learning (i.e. they changed jobs or got too busy), you can transfer their sessions to another employee, totally free of charge.
  • Is there a minimum number of English lessons I have to purchase?
    There is no minimum number. You can start with just one team member and scale this English training across your organization based on your needs. Great discounts available if you buy English training packages. Book a free consultation and we will guide you through the best options for your team.
  • Can I integrate Talaera's courses into our LMS?
    Yes, our new SCORM-compatible courses can be easily integrated into your existing Learning Management System for seamless learning experiences. Request more information about courses currently available.
  • Is this English training only for companies?
    This English training is for organizations and individuals alike. Companies may purchase all the products available (1:1 training, group courses, workshops, webinars, and self-paced learning). Individual learners can purchase 1:1 lessons with an instructor or access our self-paced online courses.

Add English training to your talent growth strategy

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