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Effective Communication for Business Meetings in English

In today’s globalized business environment, meetings in English have become a staple. For non-native speakers, this can pose a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to speaking up confidently. You don’t need to learn impressive words for meetings. Instead, focus on clear, effective communication.

English for business meetings

How Talaera can help you boost participation in meetings with international participants.

Communication strategies for effective meetings in English

Language for speaking up in meetings

Practice English meeting dialogues

How to speak up in a meeting, and when to hold back

How to talk in meetings with international participants

Business English meeting vocabulary

General tips for business english meetings

Speak up in meetings

Importance of developing effective communication skills and confidence in meetings

Team collaboration

Smoother teamwork and project execution.

Confidence in meetings

Enhanced participation and visibility.

Professional relationships

Stronger team dynamics and improved decision-making

Quick communication tips for non-native English speakers


Start with the Basics: Learning to Speak English

Build foundational English skills, like grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation for clearer communication


Expand your English for business meetings

Learn key terms, jargon, and business meetings vocabulary to confidently navigate meetings.


Learn strategies to be persuasive in English

Structure thoughts and arguments for impactful contributions.


Master the Art of Small Talk Before Meetings

Small talk plays a crucial role in building relationships. Learn key phrases and topics to engage in these initial interactions.


Learn how to speak up in meetings

Balance assertiveness with listening. Know how to contribute in meetings for greater influence.

Training on effective business English meetings

Explore our selection of instructor-led and self-paced online courses

English Communication for Productive Meetings


Instructor-led workshop

5 sessions x 90 min.

15 participants

Confidently share your opinion in meetings

Self-led online course

Self-study online course

45 minutes

3 self-paced lessons

Business speaking skills

Group Course

Instructor-led group course

8 sessions x 90 min.

4 participants

Effective Communication and Confidence in English



60 minutes

Unlimited participants

1:1 Lessons: 1:1 Classes on English for Meetings

1:1 Lessons

Instructor-led training

60 minute/lesson

Custom one-on-one lessons

Business English Speaking Course

Instructor-led group course

4 participants


8 sessions x 90 min

Learn essential strategies to speak effectively and with confidence in the workplace. Boost your confidence speaking in front of other people, express ideas in a clear, concise, and engaging way, understand and adapt to cultural differences, and learn business expressions that sound native English.

Describing Responsibilities & Delegating
Clarify team roles, understand company dynamics, and apply techniques for efficient task delegation.
Small Talk
Engage in meaningful small talk and understand cultural nuances to strengthen professional relationships globally.
Effective Communication
Learn to communicate effectively in fast-paced environments and ask effective questions to move conversations forward.
Meetings & Video Conferences
Acquire advanced communication skills for conducting and participating in productive meetings and video conferences.
Debating & Speaking Up
Develop the ability to assertively present ideas and engage in constructive debates for innovative problem-solving.
Vocabulary for Collaborating
Learn essential vocabulary to make your communication more persuasive across cultures.
Asking Effective Questions
Master strategic questioning techniques to enhance teamwork and project clarity.
Bringing It All Together
Consolidate communication skills through practical application, preparing participants for real-world business scenarios.

Free resources for effective business meetings

Use these business English resources as part of your internal learning programs.

The 70+ Business Idioms You Should Know


How to Speak Up In Meetings

Podcast Episode

33 Free Resources To Improve Your English


A Quick Guide to Asking Better Questions

Podcast Episode

3 Key Elements To Closing A Meeting Effectively

Podcast Episode
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