TALAERA |tā-lē-ra|

Talaera comes from Icelandic, one of the most difficult languages in the world. Tala means “speak” and Læra means “learn”. We aspire to make even the most challenging language journeys easier for you.

Our story

Talaera was born after German founder Anita tried to improve her English pronunciation and Irish founder Mel attempted to learn German.

After many misunderstandings and missed opportunities working with international teams, they recognized that the global marketplace sorely needed flexible, accessible English training for professionals to communicate in the real world.

Our team

Our team is made up of passionate humans with eclectic backgrounds, former Microsoft managers, TV producers, HR directors, IT engineers, and writers who now want to share their knowledge and experience with other professionals.

     Anita Anthonj

Founder, CEO

     Mel MacMahon


      Jens Tröger


      Ljubomir Bradic

Product Designer

      Hanna Kartynnik

Software Engineer

       Kristina Laliberte

Senior Account Manager

     Paola Pascual

Director of Marketing

      Rose Hoffmann

Sales Specialist

       Erick Perez-Segnini

Sales Development Rep

       Shadon Badiyan

Customer Success Rep

     Anton Novikov

Head of Mobile Development

Our English teachers

Our teachers are the heart and soul of Talaera. We know from personal experience that the right teacher can be a life‐changing experience. Meet some of them!



English Teacher


English Teacher


English Teacher


English Teacher


English Teacher


English Teacher

“Talaera genuinely values their students and teachers."

Jennifer H.

English Teacher


Meet our team!

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