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Corporate English training for global teams

Help your non-native English-speaking teams bring their best selves to work

Upskill your global workforce

Invest in internal mobility and career growth in the AI era by aligning communication skills with business goals.

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Staff training and development made easy

Add users, download instant reports, manage billing, and track engagement across multiple global teams with ease.

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Customizable English training programs

Business Writing

Improve precision and impact in written English communication for better teamwork and cross-border collaboration.

Enhance email writing in English
Streamline messaging on Slack or MS Teams
Refine business writing for clear, concise communication

English Speaking

Boost clarity and confidence in global business interactions with colleagues and customers, making every word count, in every accent.

Strengthen English speaking for effective collaboration
Navigate corporate language
Improve pronunciation in English


Get more out of every meeting. Increase participation in meetings with a global audience, leading to more productive discussions with colleagues and clients.

Increase participation in meetings
Facilitate opinion-sharing and productive discussions
Refine constructive feedback in global settings


Equip your team with the skills to deliver effective presentations in English, ensuring clarity and impact in every message delivered.

Deliver impactful presentations
Focus on key messages and get your point across
Make persuasive arguments in English

Leadership Communication

Develop leaders through essential communication skills for managers. From giving constructive feedback to expressing your ideas and vision in a clear and inspiring way to drive team performance and engagement.

Give constructive feedback
Ask the right questions
Manage across cultures

Culture & Etiquette

Strengthen cross-cultural English communication and foster understanding and respect in a global team setting through training targeted to bridge cultural gaps in the workplace.

Navigate different communication styles
Decode the meaning of ‘yes’ across cultures
Manage effectively across cultures

Corporate training packages for every budget and need

Employee training programs to unlock potential

We're proud to help non-native English professionals in 100+ countries thrive in any global workplace.

Frequently asked questions

Does Talaera offer Business English for companies in all time zones?

Yes, Talaera provides Business English training worldwide, making sure we fit into your team's schedule no matter where you are. We're all about flexibility and making it work for you.

Is Talaera's Business English Training for companies of all sizes?

Absolutely. Talaera’s Business English training programs are designed to cater to the needs of companies of all sizes and budgets, from small startups to large corporations. We're here to give everyone the personal touch they deserve, no matter the scale.

What types of corporate language training programs are available for employees?

Talaera offers a wide range of corporate language training programs, including one-on-one sessions, group classes, workshops, webinars, and self-paced online courses, all focused on enhancing Business English skills across various domains.

How do you choose the best English learning program for your team?

Choosing the best program involves assessing your team's current proficiency levels, specific business communication needs, and learning objectives. Talaera works with you to tailor a program that matches your team’s unique requirements.

Does Talaera offer training needs analysis?

Yes, Talaera conducts a comprehensive training needs analysis, working closely with your team to understand and address your employees' unique language learning needs effectively. Every one-on-one business English session starts with a dedicated 45-minute training needs analysis 100% focused on each learner.

Does Talaera offer learning solutions to upskill employees?

Yes, Talaera specializes in offering learning solutions designed to upskill employees, focusing on practical Business English skills that make a real difference in workplace communication and performance.

What online business English teachers does Talaera work with?

Talaera works with highly qualified online business English teachers who have corporate experience, ensuring that learners receive relevant and impactful instruction tailored to their professional needs. Talaera’s courses are crafted by expert, native English speakers with both business and academic backgrounds hailing from top universities like Columbia and Harvard, ensuring the best learning experience and immediate applicability.

Can the corporate language training be customized to meet the specific needs of our industry and employees?

Yes, Talaera’s corporate language training is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of your industry and employees, focusing on relevant vocabulary, cross-cultural nuances, communication scenarios, and industry-specific challenges to maximize learning outcomes.

Can I see any learning metrics for my team's training?

Yes! Your Talaera Team Dashboard provides access to learning metrics and real-time reports, allowing you to track your team’s engagement, progress, and overall training effectiveness, ensuring transparency and accountability in your investment.