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Online English pronunciation classes and courses

Effective communication in English goes beyond just vocabulary and grammar; clear pronunciation plays a vital role in ensuring your message is understood accurately. For non-native English professionals, mastering pronunciation can boost confidence and effectiveness in various professional settings.

Find out how online English pronunciation classes and courses can help your colleagues refine their English speaking skills.

Courses to master English pronunciation

How Talaera can help…

Clear accent in English

Pronouncing difficult sounds

Words with silent letters

American English pronunciation

Tone, stress, and intonation

Accent reduction techniques

Importance of Clear Pronunciation in English

Clear pronunciation is essential for non-native English professionals.

Effective communication

Maximize clarity, minimize misunderstandings.

Confidence boost

Communicate more confidently and assertively at work.

Professionalism and credibility

Enhance your professional image and credibility

Quick Tips for Improving Pronunciation


Focus on clear pronunciation

Instead of wanting to have an American accent, or a British accent, focus on being clear.


Listen and repeat

Practice mimicking native speakers by listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or watching English movies or TV shows.


Slow down when speaking

Focus on pronouncing each word clearly and at a slower pace to ensure accuracy.


Find a speaking partner

Practice speaking with a native speaker or join weekly conversation sessions to receive feedback and guidance.


Record yourself

Record your speech and compare it with native speakers to identify areas for improvement.

English Pronunciation Courses

Explore our selection of instructor-led and self-paced online courses

Pronounce difficult sounds correctly

Self-led online course

Self-study online course

3 hours

6 self-paced lessons

Improve your pronunciation in English



60 minutes

Unlimited participants

1:1 Lessons: Online English pronunciation classes

1:1 Lessons

Instructor-led training

60 minute/lesson

Custom one-on-one lessons

Pronounce sentences like a native speaker

Self-led online course

Self-study online course

2 hours 30 minutes

3 self-paced lessons

Free resources for clear pronunciation in English

Use these business English resources as part of your internal learning programs.

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