Netafim Case Study

How Talaera helped Netafim cultivate a high-performing global team and support upward mobility

Netafim Case Study - Talaera


Netafim is a global leader in smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions for sustainable agriculture. They hold over 30% of the global drip irrigation market. As a company with a presence in various parts of the world, Netafim’s workforce must communicate effectively with its global suppliers, partners, and customers to reach its business goals and ultimate mission of offering optimal irrigation solutions to ensure a sustainable future.

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Agriculture industry

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5,000 employees

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Tel Aviv, Israel

The Challenge

The diverse language skills within the company have led to communication barriers that directly affect Netafim’s productivity. Misunderstandings and delays in information exchange can hinder the smooth flow of daily operations, slowing down processes that are critical for the company’s success.

Another critical challenge is the impact of language proficiency on career progression and leadership opportunities. For non-native English-speaking employees, limited proficiency not only restricts their ability to engage fully in their current roles but also poses a significant barrier to advancing into management and leadership positions. This limitation affects employee motivation and the company’s ability to cultivate a diverse leadership team.

Recognizing the pivotal role of English proficiency in overcoming these challenges, Netafim has prioritized enhancing the English skills of its workforce. Investing in a robust business English training program is seen as crucial for unlocking the full potential of its global team, improving productivity, and ensuring all employees have equal opportunities for career development.


The Solution

In addressing the distinctive challenges it faced, Netafim partnered with Talaera to introduce a highly personalized and effective business English training program. The cornerstone of this solution was the one-on-one sessions that Talaera offered, carefully designed to cater to the unique needs of each Netafim employee. These sessions focused on helping learners hone the professional English skills they needed to improve their performance at work.

A key feature of the program was its algorithm-assisted instructor matching, which efficiently paired learners with suitable instructors within 24 hours, ensuring a seamless start to the learning process. Personalized learning plans were developed based on individual assessments, charting out tailored learning journeys that directly addressed each learner’s specific goals and areas for improvement.

Moreover, the program was characterized by its remarkable flexibility in scheduling, making it possible for employees across various time zones to participate with ease. Training managers received comprehensive support, and learners had around-the-clock assistance from Talaera’s support team, readily available to address any scheduling or technical issues.

The training program with Talaera also allowed employees to learn on their own time with an extensive catalog of self-paced online courses available to them. This meant they could improve their English skills whenever it suited them best. Talaera’s well-designed training program matched exactly what Netafim needed and helped its employees keep getting better and growing in their jobs.

“At Netafim, we believe in investing in growth opportunities for our global teams. I feel immensely proud to see that we are making an impact and providing value to our global employees. They are so grateful!”

Niva Markus, Global Learning Lead at Netafim

Niva Markus, Global Learning Lead At Netafim - Talaera

Niva Markus, Global Learning Lead at Netafim

Why Talaera?

Netafim chose Talaera as its English training partner for several reasons:

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Personalization and Quality

The high degree of customization in the learning experience and the quality of the instructional content stood out.

Audience Adaptation - Talaera

Audience adaptation

The unparalleled flexibility in scheduling and the comprehensive support offered by Talaera ensured a smooth and efficient learning process.

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Proven Impact

Early feedback and results indicated that Talaera’s approach was effective in improving English communication skills across the board.

Talaera’s commitment to meeting Netafim’s specific needs and the seamless onboarding experience facilitated by dedicated account management further solidified the partnership.

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity. I actually looked for something like Talaera before and now it appeared exactly in the right format! I would definitely recommend other professionals to use Talaera. I also recommended Talaera lessons to my team.”

Elizabeta Gartsbein, Global Operations Manager at Netafim

Elizabeta Gartsbein, Global Operations Manager - Talaera

Elizabeta Gartsbein, Global Operations Manager at Netafim

The Results

The implementation of Talaera’s business English program led to immediate and tangible impacts for Netafim. Following Talaera’s one-on-one business English lessons, Netafim is saving hundreds of hours each week through faster and clearer communications. The high completion rates and positive feedback underscored the value of the program as an employee benefit, with 97% recognizing Talaera’s training as a significant advantage. Moreover, the program had a significant impact on learners’ productivity, confidence collaborating with international peers in English, and their readiness to take on English-based leadership roles:

Participants Are More Productive At Work - Talaera

83.7% of participants are more productive at work after Talaera sessions

Individuals And Teams - Talaera

87% of participants feel more confident working with their international peers in English.

English Based Leadership Roles - Talaera

77.3% of participants feel more prepared to take on English-based leadership roles.