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Difficult sound: Hard H
Make sure you are audibly pronouncing /H/ at the beginning of words.
1 readings
1 videos
3 exercises
Difficult sounds: "augh" & "ough"
Review the different ways of pronouncing "augh" and "ough".
1 readings
8 videos
11 exercises
Difficult sounds: "-ED" for regular verbs in simple past
Correctly pronounce the ending "-ed" of regular verbs in the simple past tense.
1 readings
3 videos
6 exercises
Difficult sounds: R and L
Learn to differentiate and pronounce the sounds R and L.
1 readings
2 videos
5 exercises
Difficult sounds: Th
Correctly pronounce one of the most difficult sounds for non-native English speakers.
1 readings
1 videos
4 exercises
Difficult sounds: V and W
Learn to differentiate and pronounce the sounds V and W.
1 readings
2 videos
5 exercises
English pronunciation

Pronounce difficult sounds correctly

Learn to pronounce the most difficult sounds in English. Feel more confident speaking in English with clear pronunciation. Learn with videos and practical exercises.

Online Course

Duration: 3 hours

Level:  Intermediate

Content: 6 lessons total

What you will learn

General Speaking

What's included?

Weekly Speaking Practice

Join English conversation practice every week. Meet international learners and build your confidence.

Learn with an expert English teacher

Access 4 sessions every month for $8

Connect with learners from around the world

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Business English Training FAQs

  • You can learn how to write more effective emails, share ideas with confidence in meetings, deliver impactful presentations, improve your grammar, expand your vocabulary, and more.

  • We use a combination of real-life examples and carefully designed resources to prepare you for your day-to-day job.

  • Yes, every week, you will be invited to a live session with one of our business English instructors. These group sessions last 60 minutes and you will be able to learn, practice, and ask questions with other professionals from around the world.

  • The Talaera Personal Dictionary is a great tool to remember new words and integrate them in your daily vocabulary. It allows you to save words, get the definition, pronunciation, and translation with a click, and see AI-generated examples tailored to your role and industry.  It also has a Practice tool with custom quizzes and real-time feedback.

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