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Customer Stories

Talaera Business English Training: Enhancing Global Communication, Accelerating Growth

Thomson Reuters Case Study

How Thomson Reuters improved collaboration across borders through seamless communication

ZIM Case Study

How ZIM streamlined English communication with Talaera and increased team productivity

Netafim Case Study

How Talaera helped Netafim cultivate a high-performing global team and support upward mobility

Helping professionals join the conversation

Ana Sofia Paredes de Figueroa Administrative Assistant

“With the great progress I made with Talaera, I was able to succeed in the hiring process for a leadership role for the Seattle Government.”

Arzu Jamilova, Exec. Recruitment Manager at City of Seattle

"I now feel confident working in English in the U.S. I finally feel I can add as much value in English as in my native language."

Or Golan, Civil Engineer at STV Inc.

“Thanks to Talaera, English is not a barrier anymore, I can now speak up and understand people I work with, better and at a deeper level.”

Einat Avraham, Systems Engineer at Salesforce

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