Presentation Skills for Non-Native English Speakers

Giving professional presentations is a fundamental skill to succeed in the global business environment, regardless of the role. However, business presentations in English are particularly challenging for non-native speakers. Here you will find everything you need to make your next English presentation with confidence at work.

Whether you are looking to help your team or you just want to improve your own presentation skills, this page will help you.

English for busines meetings

How Talaera can help you boost your presentation skills:

Getting your key message across in presentations
Keep you audience engaged
Useful phrases for presentations in English
Feel more confiendt giving presentations
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Importance of presentation skills

Explore the importance of effective email writing and business writing skills

Fear Of Public Speaking Icon

Fear of public speaking

90% of pre-presentation anxiety that comes from feeling unprepared

Captivating Your Audience Icon

Captivating your audience

10 minutes is the average audience attention span during presentations

Communication Skills Icon

Communication skills

Transition words and phrases witll hel you feel confident during a presentation

Quick presentation tips for non-native English speakers

Start With The Basics: Learning To Speak English Icon

Focus on getting your key message across

The goal is not to speak perfectly. It is to express your main idea effectively.

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Thoroughly preparing a presentation is a key step

Being well-prepared will boost your confidence and clarity in your presentation

Keep an eye on time management in presentations

Manage your time wisely to cover all key points without rushing.

Find Great Presentation Examples And Mimic Them Icon

Find great presentation examples and mimic them

Study successfull presentations and apply their techniques and styles.

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Practice your presentation skills with an instructor

Work with an instructor or colleague to refine and improve your delivery

Quick Presentation Tips - Talaera

English presentation skills training

Explore our selection of instructor-led and self-paced online courses

Free resources for effective presentations

Use these business English resources as part of your internal learning programs.