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Mastering verbs in English

Learn about all the verb tenses, gerunds, and supporting constructions, like signal words.

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Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Level: Advanced Intermediate
Content: 4 lessons total

What you will learn

General Speaking
​Choosing the right time words and tenses
Use time words (yesterday, right now, since, for…) correctly with different verb tenses.
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Complex sentences: Combining verb tenses
Write longer sentences with time words (while, since, after).
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Using correct verb tenses in emails
Practice verb tenses with the most common phrases in business emails.
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Gerunds: Using words ending in -ing
Learn how to use words that end with -ing.
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What’s included?

Weekly Speaking Practice

Join English conversation practice every week. Meet international learners and build your confidence.

Learn with an expert English teacher
Access 4 sessions every month for $8
Connect with learners from around the world

Custom Quizzes

Remember new words with custom quizzes, real-time feedback, and instant translations.

Generate personalized quizzes with a click
Practice the words that matter to you
Get feedback and explanations right away

Personal Dictionary

Understand industry-specific and general vocabulary and save them for future practice.

Save new words with a click
Translate and define words
Listen to the pronunciation

AI Generated Content

Remember words and expressions more easily with examples generated for you.

Add your job and industry to your settings
Generate sentences tailored to you
Use those examples at work right away

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Business English Training FAQs

What can I learn with self-study?

You can learn how to write more effective emails, share ideas with confidence in meetings, deliver impactful presentations, improve your grammar, expand your vocabulary, and more.

What teaching materials do you use?

We use a combination of real-life examples and carefully designed resources to prepare you for your day-to-day job.

Are any instructor-led lessons included?

Yes, every week, you will be invited to a live session with one of our business English instructors. These group sessions last 60 minutes and you will be able to learn, practice, and ask questions with other professionals from around the world.

What is the Personal Dictionary?

The Talaera Personal Dictionary is a great tool to remember new words and integrate them in your daily vocabulary. It allows you to save words, get the definition, pronunciation, and translation with a click, and see AI-generated examples tailored to your role and industry. It also has a Practice tool with custom quizzes and real-time feedback.