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Cross-Cultural Communication

The key that unlocks effective collaboration across cultures.

Effective communication goes beyond knowing how to speak a language. Culture plays a huge role, and we want to help you bring your international teams together through effective cross-cultural communication.

Cultural Intelligence CQ CCC

Develop Cross-Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cultural intelligence is the ability to interact effectively with people from other cultures. It is the first step to effective management across cultures (webinar). It's about understanding and appreciating cultural differences and being able to adapt your own behavior to accommodate those differences.

Address Cross-Cultural Struggles

Slow progress, frequent rework, false assumptions, internal tension, workplace silos, higher turnover rates, and team disengagement are some tell-tale signs that your teams are struggling with cross-cultural communication. Learn how to overcome the top communication barriers in the workplace.

Cross-Cultural Struggles CCC-1
How different Cultures Communicate CCC-1

Learn How Cultures Communicate

A person from the United States may not communicate the same way as a person from Germany, India, or Israel. Some cultures are more direct, others need more context, and others avoid saying no. Start by learning what topics to avoid in small talk and what these Americanisms mean.

Improve Collaboration Across Cultures

Help your global employees reach their full potential. After all, it may not be a performance issue but a language barrier. Two great ways to improve collaboration in multicultural teams are asking better questions across cultures and establishing norms.

Collaborating Across Cultures CCC
“Now, participants won't stop talking about their experience with Talaera, and that not only helped us communicate better internally but also gave our L&D team great confidence to implement Talaera at a global level.”
Anna G Barreno
Anna G. - Sr. Learning Consultant at Thomson Reuters

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Effective Cross-Cultural Communications

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