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HR Culture Month 2022

A resource hub for HR Managers, L&D leaders, and People Ops. Access webinars on-demand, toolkits, and interviews starting with the topic of self-care as an HR professional and building into learning culture, framing wins, and managing teams across cultures.

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Events & Resources

From all these years working closely with HR professionals, we see that caring for others is a fundamental part of the job, but caring for oneself as a person and professional is often pushed down the list of priorities.

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💙 Self Care in HR - Live  Discussion

Self Care as an
HR Professional

with Anna Graziella

May 3, 2022

🙏🏼  Appreciation - Podcast

How Appreciation Will Drive Business Results

with Rick King, Thomson Reuters

May 9, 2022

🙏🏼  Appreciation - Webinar

Driving Engagement Through Appreciation

with Jenni Hein, Thomson Reuters

Past event

May 12, 2022

🙏🏼   Appreciation - Takeaways

Driving Engagement Through Appreciation

Talaera resource

May 16, 2022

🏆 Wins in L&D  - Discussion

Framing Wins in L&D and Defining Impact

with L&D at Wise, Forter, Thomson Reuters...

May 17, 2022

🏆 Wins in L&D  - Takeaways

Effective Ways To Define Impact in L&D

Talaera article

Now Available

🚀 Learning Culture  - Workshop

How To Create a Learning Culture

with LifeLabs Learning and Offbeat

Past event

May 24, 2022

🚀 Learning Culture  - Takeaways

How To Create a Learning Culture

Talaera + LifeLabs Learning resource

May 25, 2022

🌎  HR Across Cultures - Workshop

Managing Teams
Across Cultures

Simon Kennell & Paola Pascual

May 31, 2022

🌎  HR Across Cultures - Playbook

Playbook to Manage Across Cultures

Talaera resource

June 2, 2022

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Share your ideas with industry fellows

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