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How Talaera helped Netafim cultivate a high-performing global team and support upward mobility

Find out how 74% of Netafim learners feel better prepared for leadership roles after their Talaera communications training

Netafim saw a direct business impact

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 83.7% of participants are more productive at work after Talaera sessions

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87% of participants feel more confident working with their international peers in English.


77.3% of participants feel more prepared to take on English-based leadership roles.

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Saved time

Netafim is saving hundreds of hours each week through faster and clearer communications.

Employer branding

97% of participants stated Talaera is a valuable employee benefit.


80% of participants completed all their assigned sessions, and some asked for more.

Growing global success at Netafim

Netafim: Agriculture industry; 5,000 employees

Learner locations: 10+ countries (Mexico, Peru, Israel, Spain, Vietnam...)

Talaera products used: One-on-one training


Netafim is a global leader in smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions for sustainable agriculture. They hold over 30% of the global drip irrigation market. As a company with a presence in various parts of the world, Netafim’s workforce must communicate effectively with its global suppliers, partners, and customers to reach its business goals and ultimate mission of offering optimal irrigation solutions to ensure a sustainable future.

“At Netafim, we believe in investing in growth opportunities for our global teams. I feel immensely proud to see that we are making an impact and providing value to our global employees. They are so grateful!” – Niva Markus, Global Learning Lead at Netafim

Why Talaera became the preferred vendor

After exploring several potential vendors, Netafim felt confident that Talaera would be their best business English training partner. Flexibility and quality of personalized learning options along with unmatched vendor support and partnership were key in the decision-making process.

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity. I actually looked for something like Talaera before and now it appeared exactly in the right format! I would definitely recommend other professionals to use Talaera. I also recommended Talaera lessons to my team.”

– Elizabeta Gartsbein, Global Operations Manager at Netafim

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Along with the product and material diversity that Talaera offered Netafim, Talaera’s commitment to a personalized and supportive account management experience made the onboarding experience seamless. Talaera ensured that the program was tailored to meet Netafim's unique requirements and that their language training investment was maximized. 

“Right from the start, the partnership has been professional and pleasant. Kristina, our Account Manager, has ensured that the solution fits our needs and responds promptly to any request.” 

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A global challenge

Netafim faces a significant challenge when it comes to effective communication. Their diverse workforce spans 40 countries and speaks multiple languages. Although English is the primary language within the company, limited English proficiency across various departments has created communication barriers that hinder productivity

Along with the challenge of communication breakdowns, the need for strong English skills in management and leadership roles has become a barrier for non-native English-speaking employees, restricting their career progression and limiting upward mobility within the company.

“English proficiency is a global need and one of our top priorities when it comes to learning."

In response to these challenges, Netafim made it a priority to invest in business English training for its employees. This case study delves into Netafim's experience with Talaera's training programs and evaluates how it has improved the company's global workforce potential, productivity, and overall success.

A global language learning solution 

Language training is not a one-size-fits-all solution. After assessing Netafim's individual English training needs, Talaera recommended our most personalized and customized solution: one-on-one business English sessions with expert instructors, tailored to each learner.

Talaera's one-on-one English training offers personalized language learning and flexibility to meet each employee's specific needs. A dedicated language trainer with business experience is assigned to focus on the areas where learners need the most improvement. 

Talaera on-one-one

“My instructor was a great match! The professionalism, the character, and she understands exactly what I need.”

– Elizabeta G., Global Operations Manager

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96.1% of Netafim learners thought their instructor was a great match from the beginning!

Each Netafim participant received:

Instructor matching

Algorithm-assisted matching with an instructor within 24h of sign up.

Learning plan

Personalized needs assessment and learning plan based on outcomes


100% lesson scheduling flexibility in all time zones


24/7 support from human scheduling and tech support agents


Session feedback and targeted assignments after every lesson

Self-paced learning

Additional access to self-paced learning platform 

Tangible business impact

Talaera's goal is to provide organizations with a language training solution that delivers measurable business impact while simultaneously empowering employees to develop their own career potential.

95.4% of participants are currently using the skills they learned with Talaera in the workplaceVery quickly after the Talaera implementation, Netafim employees were seeing real results. 65% of participants saw an improvement in their English skills with 5 lessons or less. Overall, 90% of participants needed 10 lessons or less to see their communication skills improved.

How many Talaera sessions did you need to see an improvement in your English skills?

Talaera impact lessons

Netafim's program exceeded expectations and the company saw an immediate business impact. 

All training goals were met...

86.6% of Netafim employees feel more confident working with their international colleagues in English.

80% of participants completed all their assigned training sessions, and some asked for more.

96.9% of participants stated Talaera is a valuable employee benefit and expressed their gratitude.

“Talaera has definitely improved my career. My manager has told me that my English has improved since taking Talaera sessions.”

Araceli Sanchez, HR Leader Regen Culiacán at Netafim

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Netafim saw a direct business impact


 83.7% of participants are more productive at work after Talaera sessions

Saved time

Every week, 37% saved 1-3 hours and 38% saved at least 30 min. just preparing their English comms


77.3% of participants feel more prepared to take on English-based leadership roles

As a result, Netafim is saving hundreds of hours each week through faster and clearer communications.

Invest in your team with personalized business English training

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