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Practice your English speaking every week

Boost your confidence, accelerate your career.

English conversation practice

Practice your English speaking every week. Meet international learners and build your confidence in communicating in English.

Practice your English with an expert teacher

Connect with professionals from around the world

3 sessions every week, available in all time zones

Real people. Real growth.

Join a community of curious learners just like you.


Administrative Assistant, Venezuela

“I love connecting with professionals from around the world and learning about other cultures. I even got professional tips on an issue I was trying to solve at work!”

HR Manager, Germany

"I work at a multinational company and in my first session, I met someone with the same role as me, working for the same company, from a different country! It was great to share experiences with him."

Customer Success, China

“What a great session! I loved the combination of two topics - one related to our job and the other to cultural differences and similarities."

Sales Manager, Italy

“I was a bit shy at first, but I enjoyed making friends from around the world. I learned new vocabulary and got great explanations on formal and casual English."

QA Lead, Indonesia

“I look forward to these sessions every week! The people are amazing and I enjoy seeing friends and making new connections."

Executive Assistant, France


Sales Support Partner, Italy

“I'm super busy at work but I always make time for these Talaera weekly sessions. It's easy, useful, and enjoyable!"

Tech Support, Mexico

“The Talaera weekly speaking practice sessions are just great. I enjoy meeting people and learning about different cultures."

CEO, Turkey

“I joined these conversation sessions to feel more confident in English, but I realized that they're so much more. They're such a great networking tool as well!"

Sports Manager, Germany

Find the best English learning programs for you

Access a selection of English online courses

Use translation and definition tools


Business English online courses

100% free. No credit card required.

All business English online courses

Speaking practice sessions (3 sessions/week)

AI-driven custom quizzes


English speaking practice

$8/month. Cancel any time.

Some of the English courses included

Effective communication

Confidently share your opinion in meetings

Online Course


45 minutes

5 lessons total

Effective communication

Introduction to strong professional emails

Online Course


1 hours 30 minutes

6 lessons total

Effective communication in presentations

Prepare and deliver impactful presentations

Online Course

Advanced Intermediate

3 hours 20 minutes

9 lessons total

Effective communication

Handle difficult situations in emails

Online Course


3 hours 30 minutes

9 lessons total

Effective communication

Advanced vocabulary for business meetings

Online Course

Advanced Intermediate

4 hours 30 minutes

8 lessons total

Business English Training FAQs

  • Both! If you are an individual looking to improve your communication skills, you can sign up for just $8 per month and cancel anytime.

    If you are a manager looking for training for your team, we can also help you create the right program with yearly licenses for your coworkers. Please get in touch at

  • You can learn how to write more effective emails, share ideas with confidence in meetings, deliver impactful presentations, improve your grammar, expand your vocabulary, and more.

  • We use a combination of real-life examples and carefully designed resources to prepare you for your day-to-day job.

  • Yes, every week, you will be invited to a live session with one of our business English instructors. These group sessions last 60 minutes and you will be able to learn, practice, and ask questions with other professionals from around the world.

  • Yes! The Talaea courses are carefully designed by expert, native English speakers with both business and academic backgrounds, ensuring the best learning experience and immediate applicability. However, your Talaera PRO access also gives you access to your Personal Dictionary. It allows you to save words, get the definition, pronunciation, and translation with a click, generate custom quizzes with real-time feedback, and get examples tailored to your role and industry.  

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