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The English training you need for the career you deserve.


Confidently share your opinion in meetings

Confidently share your opinion and ask for others' opinions during meetings. Learn vocabulary and strategies for different work situations.


45 min.


4 Lessons total

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Use these phrases instead of "I think..." And, tell people if you don't have an opinion about a topic.

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Use the right language to suggestion to different people at work.

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Ask for people's opinions effectively

Vocabulary and strategies to get people to share their opinion and knowledge with you. Ask questions politely and professionally.

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What you will learn

Vocabulary forwirk meetings

Tone and formality

Confidence strategies

Learn strategies to soften your message and sound more polite across cultures.

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English conversation practice

Practice your English skills and meet other learners from around the world. A teacher will help you improve with tips and vocabulary. 


1 hour

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Every week

English training you can immediately apply at work

Online courses

Full access for 12 months

Improve your English with premium courses and thousands of exercises

Personal Dictionary

Custom quizzes, real-time feedback

Practice with personalized quizzes and get real-time explanations.

Conversation practice

Weekly conversation practice

Meet other learners every week and practice speaking with a teacher

Also included in your subscription

Access a wide variety of premium online courses with thousands of exercises and real-life examples


Introduction to strong professional emails


1h 30 min.


6 Lessons


Confidently share your opinion in meetings


45 min.


5 Lessons


Prepare and deliver impactful presentations


3h 20 min.


9 Lessons

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Agree and disagree with confidence at work


1h 30 min.


4 Lessons


Handle difficult situations in emails


3h 30 min.


6 Lessons

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Communicate effectively on Slack




5 Lessons

... And so much more

Join the conversation

Talaera works with some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies, helping non-native English professionals in 100+ countries across 5 continents use English confidently at work.

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What learners say about Talaera

For the first time, I felt I had a few ways to express my message. I was less nervous than usual and walked the audience through the presentation confidently.

– Einat A, Systems Engineer at Salesforce

Talaera has definitely improved my career. My manager has told me that my English has improved since taking Talaera sessions.

– Araceli S, HR Leader at Netafim

I love the combination of Talaera's unique methodology and platform features. They make the learning process easy. Thanks to the progress I made, I landed a leadership role for the Seattle Government.

– Arzu J., Exec. Recruitment Manager at City of Seattle

I feel more confident when I speak or write to my colleagues from other parts of the world. If you asked me if I recommend Talaera's sessions, pal, what are you waiting for? Go for it!

– Xanat M, Sales Coordinator at ZIM

I now feel confident working in English in the U.S. I finally feel I can add as much value in English as in my native language.

–Or G, Civil Engineer at STV Inc.

I actually looked for something like Talaera before and now it appeared exactly in the right format! I also recommended Talaera lessons to my team.

– Elizabeta G., Global Ops. Manager at Netafim

Business English Training FAQs

  • Does Talaera cater to non-native English speakers only?
    Yes, our business English programs are specifically designed for non-native English speakers, focusing on practical language use, cultural understanding, and business communication skills. Native English speakers may benefit from some of our most advanced courses, but our focus is professionals whose first language is not English.
  • Does Talaera require yearly contracts?
    Nope. No annual contracts, no commitments. You pay for the sessions and English training programs you need, and we hope you are so happy that you want to stay. 💙
  • Can I offer Talaera's English training to global teams?
    Absolutely! That's one of the greatest advantages at Talaera. We work with expert English trainers in all time zones and operate globally 24/7. You can easily allocate training hours to your global employees. If one of your employees decides to stop learning (i.e. they changed jobs or got too busy), you can transfer their sessions to another employee, totally free of charge.
  • Is there a minimum number of English lessons I have to purchase?
    There is no minimum number. You can start with just one team member and scale this English training across your organization based on your needs. Great discounts available if you buy English training packages. Book a free consultation and we will guide you through the best options for your team.
  • Can I integrate Talaera's courses into our LMS?
    Yes, our new SCORM-compatible courses can be easily integrated into your existing Learning Management System for seamless learning experiences. Request more information about courses currently available.
  • Is this English training only for companies?
    This English training is for organizations and individuals alike. Companies may purchase all the products available (1:1 training, group courses, workshops, webinars, and self-paced learning). Individual learners can purchase 1:1 lessons with an instructor or access our self-paced online courses.

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