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What Can You Do Today To Manage Language & Cultural Diversity?

Seriously, this is a question we should ask ourselves. Have you ever stopped to think what a great and beneficial thing it is to have a diverse and international workforce? Higher employee retention, fewer failed projects, increased, more productivity, tons of money saved, and happier clients are just some of them.

Although, as we talked about in our previous post, a culturally diverse workforce can also come with plenty of hidden challenges. Now, the million-dollar question is: how can you, as an HR manager, figure out ways to minimize those challenges and maximize all the benefits?

You don’t have to guess. We have asked our clients, HR managers at Silicon Valley companies and multinational companies, and have come up with 6 solutions. You can start applying them all today, and start enjoying the results!

In this article, though, we have picked only 3 of those 6 solutions. If you are interested in learning more, you can download the full ebook for free here.

#1 Make Communication Easy

Make communication easy - Diversity in the workplaceAdopt a common corporate language that all the employees are aware of. This consistency will increase the chances of implementing effective communication within the organization. Use simple terms and expressions, avoid idioms, jargon and slang words, and implement visual methods of communication (like pictures in manuals, signs or cue cards). Simplify instructions in general, and use both telling and showing methods.

Now, are we recommending you to talk down? Absolutely not! Just introduce effective messaging tools and deliver your message intelligently. If you think your employee’s language is not proficient, there is no need to talk louder, just speak correct English, slowly and clearly.

#2 Invest In Language Training

Communication Business English course - Diversity in the workplace

One of the main motivators of top performers is continuous learning. Give them an individualized learning plan and give them opportunities to grow and develop their skills.

All of our learners have said that having access to English training makes them feel more confident at work and they also feel that their employers and HR managers truly care about their professional development.

Wayne Applehans, president and chief producer officer of Jones/NCTI, recommends to “opt for training that is personal, relevant and that uses the best technology for your employees.” According to a Jones/NCTI study, one-on-one mentoring is one of the preferred types of learning; “80% of respondents across generations say it’s important or very important that their company provides training options to fit their learning styles.”

For most respondents, having training and development opportunities influence their decision to stay with the company; and last but not least, “they all want more opportunities to learn on the job.” Which involves the technology available to actually take part in these training opportunities.

And we totally believe in this philosophy. That’s why at Talaera we focused on one-on-one, personalized training, offering employees the chance to improve their business English skills anytime, anywhere. Could be for you? Click here.

#3 Take Advantage Of Your HR Skills

Diversity in the workplaceYou, as an HR manager, know better than anyone else about human interactions. Be the star and organize team building diversity days, workshops on language-related emotion management and train them on perception – help your employees perceive language barriers as less threatening. Convince them that the group will effectively cope with language barriers and that individual contributions will be appraised independent of fluency.

Encourage open discussion about the effects of language differences. Understand how others tick and develop a common understanding!

Want more tips?

The above strategies have been proven effective in very successful companies, but there are more. As we mentioned above, there are other solutions that you could put into practice from today. Interested in reading more? Download our ebook now for free.

If you are considering investing in your workforce and offering communication training for your non-native English employees, get in touch with us and we will help you find the perfect solution for your staff’s needs.

Download the ebook for free!

Manage Diversity in the Workplace - Talaera Ebook

Talaera is an online platform that provides one-on-one English language training, anytime, anywhere, with 100% personalized lessons, HD video quality, and qualified teachers that will help you achieve your learning goals.

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