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What Do You Actually Get From Good Diversity Management?

Although your company risks falling in the pitfalls mentioned on this post, good management of language and cultural diversity can result in great success for your workplace. Are you aware of all the positive effects that your actions can have upon your organization?

#1 Keep the cool people around

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The story is different from a couple of decades ago. Now the best companies that go after the best talent, and not the other way round. Businesses spend a lot of money on recruiting, but keeping those great employees is as important as hiring them in the best place.

If language and culture diversity is successfully managed, those people will feel part of the business family and will also be more likely to stay for longer.

Offer your new employees options to acclimatize to the new work environment, provide them with opportunities to grow, and if they are not proficient in the language, offer communication courses.

At Talaera, many of our clients come from international companies with a diverse workplace, and they have reported that those employees that had the chance to improve their communication skills felt much appreciated and decide to stay for longer.

#2 Failure? What failure?

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Blake Morgan, leader in customer experience, keynote experience, and customer experience futurist, well knows that clearer written communication can mean the difference between “a successful project and a complete disaster.”

And not only written, but also spoken. Flawed projects can be due to the fact that employees don’t understand or are unaware of processes, company policies, job functions or a combination of all three.

With streamlined communication channels and everybody understanding where they stand and what they have to do, you will experience much better results and higher levels of productivity.

#3 Money, money, money

Language and Cultural Diversity Talaera

Simple. Save your organization LOTS of money. According to a Holmes report, the cost of poor communication amounts to an overwhelming $37 billion, which is a lot. And when taking into account the cost of employee misunderstanding on areas like brand, customer satisfaction, and reputation, the figure would be likely to be even higher.

With so much at stake in the HR world today, HR managers must be able to manage this issue. In some cases, miscommunication could get the company in legal trouble, in other cases, ir could make the organization unable to attract and retain the best talent. In any case, it will cost the company money.


By skillfully managing language and cultural diversity, you can as an HR manager increase your own value. These are only some of the most succulent advantages that you will get from managing language and cultural diversity properly, but there are a couple of other juicy benefits. The thing is, how do you get to rock your organization and steer it towards success?

Now the question is – how can you manage language and cultural diversity effectively to then achieve all these great perks? We happen to have 6 very actionable tactics that you can start applying today. It’s not only our expertise that we’ve put in there, but also the strategies that Silicon Valley tech companies and other multinational companies all over the world are doing now. Aren’t you curious?

Download the ebook for free and find out!

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