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ZIM is a leading global container shipping company that operates in over 100 countries and has a workforce of more than 4,800 employees. With a fleet of over 100 vessels, the company offers comprehensive shipping services to customers worldwide, from ports in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.

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ZIM: Global Shipping & Logistics;

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4,800+ employees

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Haifa, Israel

The Challenge

Zim’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) meant that while it benefited from varied perspectives and innovative ideas, it also had to address the complexities that arise when employees from over 90 countries, each with their own languages and cultural norms, need to work together seamlessly. The challenge was not just about overcoming language barriers but also about fostering an inclusive environment where every employee could feel valued, understood, and confident in their ability to contribute to the company’s global operations. This required a nuanced approach that went beyond conventional language training to include sensitivity towards cultural differences and the promotion of mutual respect among employees, thereby enhancing overall teamwork and productivity. 

With the use of English for global operations, employees in 90+ countries must communicate effectively across international teams, navigate cultural differences, and operate confidently in English to achieve organizational goals. By improving English skills and cultural understanding, ZIM aimed to enhance teamwork across its international operations, ensuring that everyone could contribute to the company’s success. First, language barriers made it hard to share information quickly and accurately, critical in the fast-paced shipping and logistics industry where every second and detail matters. Simple misunderstandings due to language or cultural differences could slow down projects or create confusion, making it hard for everyone to work together smoothly. Second, cultural differences could lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations, affecting team cohesion and the ability to execute coordinated efforts seamlessly. Lastly, if employees weren’t confident in their English, they might hold back from joining in on team projects, sharing their thoughts, or suggesting new ideas.


The Solution

To address these challenges, ZIM partnered with Talaera to implement a customized business English training program designed to meet the organization’s specific needs. The program focused on one-on-one training, leveraging Talaera’s algorithm-assisted matching with expert business English instructors, personalized learning plans, 100% flexibility in lesson scheduling across all time zones, 24/7 support, and targeted feedback and assignments after every lesson. This comprehensive approach aimed to significantly enhance English fluency, writing, and grammar skills among ZIM employees.

Why Talaera?

ZIM chose Talaera for several key reasons. Talaera’s approach to English training encompasses not just language learning but also the cultural and business aspects of communication, which are crucial for global operations. The flexibility offered by Talaera’s programs, along with the agility to support employees’ professional and learning goals, was highly valued by ZIM. Additionally, with the support of Talaera’s account managers and the use of their Talaera’s company dashboard, ZIM managers were able to track global learner engagement and progress, share reports with stakeholders, and easily refill session credits.

The best thing is that Talaera creates a learning ecosystem where our employees can immediately apply what they learn to our workplace.

– Ilona Kantor, Training Specialist at ZIM

Ilona Kantor, Training Specialist At ZIM - Talaera

– Ilona Kantor, Training Specialist at ZIM

The Results

Following the implementation of Talaera’s training program, ZIM reported outstanding outcomes with a direct business impact. 98.2% of ZIM participants reported that they have used the skills they learned from Talaera directly in their workplace.

Additionally, Talaera’s personalized learning strategy contributed to productivity benefits. Employees reported a productivity increase due to decreased communication barriers, signifying time saved during their working hours.

Productivity Increase - Talaera

report a productivity increase due to decreased communication barriers.

Working With International Colleagues - Talaera

of participants feel more confident working with their international colleagues.

Prepare For English Only Leadership Roles - Talaera

of participants report being more prepared for English-only leadership roles.

The training results speak for themselves. Improvements in English fluency and writing and grammar skills became evident in less than 10 one-on-one lessons – in fact, 80% of participants needed 5 lessons or less to see improvement. 100% of participants think Talaera is a valuable ZIM employee development option. 96% of learners saw an increase in their English fluency, and 84% of learners improved their writing and grammar skills.

Due to the tangible business impact and popularity among participants, ZIM is now looking for wider implementation, where employees from different departments and locations can also benefit from the Talaera English programs.

Talaera is committed to delivering impact-driven business English training that moves the needle for our clients. For ZIM, this means continuing to work closely with their team to understand their evolving business needs and provide customized language training solutions that enable their continued success in a global business environment.